With contemporary style, and classic design, The Farms Country Club is more than a banquet facility. We create moments of a lifetime; unforgettable pieces of time that stand as a testament to our dedication and perseverance. As you glide across our dance floor to your first song as husband and wife you’ll feel the evening glow of our Dining room and know that this is exactly where you are supposed to be. In the arms of the one you love, surrounded by your family and friends, and supported by a staff of people whose only goal is to make your wedding dreams come true.

Planning Your Wedding Day

Our experienced staff takes pride in their ability to masterfully plan your perfect wedding. From table sizes, to table placement, they work with every bride and groom to ensure every detail is attended to. Romantic, whimsical, modern, vintage, no matter what your theme or style, our facility provides the perfect structure, lighting, and service to fit your desires. From the moment you start planning, to the very last dance we’ll be with you to ensure you have the most beautiful wedding day.

The Grounds

Sweeping manicured lawns, and full vibrant trees surround our facility. With a variety of landscaping details, you’ll be able to find a diverse range of locations for all of your wedding portrait needs. With beautiful locations just steps from our facility, grandparents, and elderly relatives don’t have to go far to be included. Once in the greenway your photographer can pose wedding parties of any size and not be restricted by lighting, or space. There are also plenty of smaller spaces perfect for a private portrait session with the bride and groom.


Our Banquet Room

Sparkling chandeliers hang from our vaulted banquet room ceiling. Large windows from wall to wall fill the room with natural light, mixing in with the warm tones of the chandeliers. Every inch of our facility has been designed to provide incredible ambience and comfort. Once your guests finish their meals the lights will dim, and the dance floor will give just enough space for your guests to dance the night away, reveling in each other’s company. From start to finish you will have every dream, and every goal met with The Farms Country Club.

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