To make sure that your day is enjoyable, we direct your attention to the following rules and regulations that pertain to our members and their guests as well as anyone participating in a golf outing.  Your compliance with these regulations in advance of your outing will avoid embarrassing situations.

Golfing Attire
All golfers are requested to be appropriately attired.  Appropriate attire shall be considered casual dress consistent with the social atmosphere of an upscale private country club such as; long pants Bermuda shorts, skirts and dresses of acceptable length, and golf shirts with collars.  Shirts and blouses are to be worn tucked in and hats may not be worn facing backwards, nor on the patio or inside the clubhouse.  Inappropriate attire shall be considered as short shorts, jeans, designer jeans, tank tops, undershirts, tee shorts and bare tops.

Golf Carts
Golf carts are mandatory (golf outings only).  Golfers may not use a pull cart or carry their own golf clubs.  Golf carts are to be driven with caution at all times.  Please keep golf carts on paths, observe all directional lines, signs and ropes.  Also, please keep golf carts at least thirty feet from any tee, green or bunker.  All operators of golf carts must have a valid motor vehicle license.  Golf carts are not permitted off The Farms property at any time.

Course Care
Please repair ball marks, replace divots and rake all bunkers.

Lost Articles
The Farms Country Club is not responsible for any lost articles.

Slow Play
Close attention to the speed of play is important.  If there is an open hole in front of you, you are probably playing too slowly.  Always keep pace with the groups in front of you.

Stipulated Round
All outing guests are restricted to eighteen holes of golf.  Please return your golf cart to the cart area located in the lower parking lot immediately after completing your round.

Cellular Telephones
Cell phones and similar electronic devices are not permitted in the Clubhouse or Pro Shop at anytime.  Cell phones may be used in the parking lot only.  While on the golf course, cellular telephones may only be used in medical emergencies. 


The Farms Country Club maintains a standard of dress for all members and guests, including children. 


All attire at the club should be clean and presentable. No rips, stains or holes, etc. The Farms Country Club management, Tennis Pro, Pool Director, Golf Pro and their respective staff shall enforce the dress codes.


An improperly dressed member, guest or child shall be asked to remedy the situation. A member, guest or child will not be allowed to stay on club property without proper attire.


Members & guests are not allowed to “stop by” the Club unless properly attired.


Events requiring jackets and/or ties pertain to both members and guests.  The member and/or guest will be denied privileges if dressed improperly for the function.


Members must observe the following dress codes in all areas of the Club unless otherwise specified for special events such as Pinehurst’s, Member-Guest events, Steak Night, etc.





Main Dining Room: Informal


Porch: Casual


Grille Room: Casual (denim worn year round)


Deck: Casual


The following is considered to be proper attire at The Farms Country Club.


Formal: Tuxedo for men, gowns or cocktail dresses for women.


Semi-Formal: Suits and ties for men.  No sport jackets, dresses or dress pant suits for women.


Informal: Jackets and ties for men.  Dresses, dress slacks, skirts, blouses pant suits, etc.


Casual: Proper casual attire.


The following is a list of casual attire that is not acceptable the Farms Country Club.


Not Permitted:


                                 Denim or jeans of all types and colors (unless in the Grille Room). Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics.  Tank tops, tube tops, low cut shirts, mesh shirts, and halter tops; gym shorts, coaching shorts, cut-offs, running, biking, camp shorts, spandex shorts, carpenter pants, coveralls, overalls, painting pants and shorts more than 5” above the knee.  Any dress of similar nature as stated above is unacceptable.


T-shirts are not allowed on the golf course, warm up area, putting green, or in the porch/dining room. They may be worn on the boardwalk/deck, in the member’s lounge, in the pool area or at the tennis courts.


Hats and visors are not to be worn in the Clubhouse when seated for service. 




Shirts must be tucked in at all times, when seated for dining and on the golf course and all practice areas. Top/blouse styles that are meant to be

worn outside the pants are acceptable as long as the overall appearance is neat.


Turtleneck and mock-turtleneck shirts are allowed for men, women and children on the course, practice areas, members lounge and porch.


Sleeveless, mock turtleneck shirts may be worn by females for golf and in the clubhouse areas.  Also, jewel neckline shirts (collarless, sleeveless) may be worn for golf and in Clubhouse areas.  Dress hats are acceptable.


                           Golf Spikes:  Metal spikes of any type are not allowed at the Club.


    No Exceptions:  Soft spikes may be worn throughout the Club.


Tennis: Tennis attire may be worn on the porch, in Grille Room and on the deck. 


Pool cover-ups and t-shirts over bathing suits are not acceptable attire within the main Clubhouse or Pro Shop.  Pool cover-ups and t-shirts may be worn on the deck only.


Cover-ups and footwear must be worn at all times when leaving the pool area.